I wore this gorgeous eyelet midi skirt to church last week and it's the perfect piece for spring. Per request, I'll soon be sharing a few ways to style it. But you can never go wrong with a basic chambray shirt and nude pumps


I'm in love with all things eyelet, laser cut, and perforated right now, so it was love at first sight with this eyelet top -- it's just so unique! I paired it with white jeans for an all white look, and then threw on a denim jacket and some neutral sandals


Somehow San is already 8 weeks old (well, tomorrow)! Time is flying with this sweet baby, and if you caught it over on snapchat (I'm merricksart over there), he rolled over for the first time this week. I can hardly believe it! He also slept through the night twice this week and I feel like a brand new woman. He just growing up so fast and we're loving every second. 


Since I made these leopard lace up flats a few months ago, I've gotten tons of use out of them. They're a bold statement shoe, but still go with everything. I wore them with distressed jeans and this pretty lace top the other day and loved this basic outfit with a twist. You can find the DIY project here, or shop two almost identical pairs here and here


I get questions all the time about how I do my hair, so I'm excited to share a killer code for my favorite hair tools. I use the Nume Magic Wand, and right now they're on sale for $25 (normally $149!!) right now with code MERRICKWANDS! I use the 25mm wand and love it because it can heat up super hot (the other wands don't let you set the temperature), so my curls last for days with only a little touch up in between. 

They also have a really great Mother's Day package, normally $456, but on sale for $179 with code MOTHER179. It includes the Curl Jam, which is a wand base with three sizes of wand plus a straightener, a blow dryer, and their white truffle shampoo and conditioner. Check it out right here and enter the code at checkout!


Philip's parents were in town last week to meet baby San, and we celebrated my MIL's 60th birthday while they were here. We walked downtown for dinner at one of our favorite Italian restaurants, and this breezy peach peplum top was perfect for a casual dinner. I paired it with these fun tassel sandals and some distressed jeans



I'm such a flower addict and can't go more than a week or two without picking up a new bunch at Trader Joe's. These tulips were so pretty and made a perfect footsie floral crown for my nude, tassel sandals. I wish I could have brought all of them home with me!










Summer is all about simple tops for me -- lightweight pieces you can just toss on and go, but that still look great and purposeful. This slouchy tunic is exactly that, and it's super flattering to boot (and helps hide that soft post-baby stomach I'm working on)!

This is such an easy project you could whip up in an afternoon, and then make about ten more of them to live in all summer long. Plus, you could make them long sleeve, short sleeved, sleeveless, or whatever you want. So many possibilities! 

Click the READ MORE button below to find the full tutorial!





Last month, I hopped on over to Union Square to give my skin a little professional TLC! While I'm constantly doing treatments at home, to the point that Keith is desensitized to me walking around the house with crazy colored masks, I do like to get a little professional help every now and then. It was at that appointment and after my treatment, that I got to try one of  SkinCeuticals newest products, their Triple Lipid Restore 2:4:2.

The Triple Lipid Restore 2:4:2 is an anti aging cream formulated with a maximized concentration of lipids: 2% pure ceramics, 4% natural cholesterol and 2% fatty acids. To break it down, it helps the skin naturally repair itself, protects against accelerated aging (yes to fatty acids for the skin!) and improves the look of the skins fullness, texture and pore appearance.

After the in-office treatment, I've continued to use this product at home and it's quickly become one of my favorites. 2-3 times a week, I'll give myself an at home mask treatment and finish off with the Triple Lipid Restore . My skin is then left with the appearance that I just came from the spa. It looks plumper, brighter and overall, significantly more vibrant. Highly recommend!

Find a SkinCeuticals skincare professional in your area here.

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Ready to go home from hospital! Scariest ride home, ever.


Second night at home! Trying to perfect my swaddle. Not so easy!

Meet lil' Nate Jacob Hodne! After 41 weeks and 1 day, he's here! Last Friday evening, I went into labor and he was finally born on Sunday morning, April 24th, at 12:07 AM, 7.4 lbs and 21 inches. I'm going to share the full story soon, but in the meantime, I wanted to update you guys!

Cannot thank you all enough for following along on this journey.

Now, pass the sushi.

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Olly Vitamins just launched their new line of kids' vitamins, and I'm such a huge fan of their campaign. It's all about bringing out your kids inner "superhero" and helping them feel their very best. 

I get questions all the time (especially since San was born) about my health and exercise routines, and since I've tried hard to make my health habits include the entire family, I'm sharing a few tips that have helped us be a more healthy and happy family. 

1. Be an example. We've all heard it, but kids are seriously always watching. Healthy habits for kids begin at home, and are so much more likely to stick if the entire family is doing them. My kids love to exercise with me, eat the same things for breakfast as me (I have them hooked on acai bowls!), swing the golf club at night with daddy, and basically anything and everything else we do. We're certainly not the best examples all the time, but we try hard to be good examples since they're always trying to be just like us. 



2. Limit treats to one or two special times per week, and involve them. Over the holidays there were treats right and left, and we were suddenly eating dessert at least once a day. Of course we all felt like garbage and were all noticeably more moody and tired. So now we've dedicated Sunday nights to be our treat night, we make it a special occasion, and I let the boys be involved so it's even more fun. It's easier to say no to little treats throughout the week if you have something special to look forward to at the end of the week. Some of our favorites have been mini fruit pies, pizookies, and homemade ice cream.




3. Try family exercise activities. I don't really love to exercise, so I try to fit it into the day where it's not such a burden or an inconvenience for me. I walk/run B to school every morning, and although we bring a stroller, the boys love to jump out and walk or run along with me. Then when we get home, Fos and I do some exercises together -- he things jumping squats are so hilarious, and it's equally as hilarious to watch him try to do them. We also love to go to the park in the evenings after Philip gets home and kick the soccer ball or throw the baseball. I'm also look into kid friendly hikes that we can do together this summer! 

4. Convey that healthy habits make them act better and feel better. In a world that's obsessed with personal appearance, I try to help my boys focus on how healthy habits make them act better and feel better. We try not to talk about weight or size. And constantly reminding my kids of this helps remind me to focus less on weight and size. One of my friends always tells her son, "if you eat junk, you act like junk," so we've adopted that in our home and I try to help my kids make good food choices because it won't give them a tummy ache later, or because sugar makes them wild and we want to be in control of our minds and our bodies. 



5. Take Your Vitamins! My kids are decently good eaters, but like all kids they can get picky about the veggies, or they eat such small amounts that who knows how much nutrition they actually get. So to help make up for some of the things their diet might be missing, and to keep their bodies healthy with all the germs we pick up at school, I've started giving them vitamins. We've been really consistent with them for over almost two years, and now it's their favorite part of breakfast every morning, and if I forget they always remind me. We've tried a bunch of different vitamins over the years, but when Olly launched their new line of kids vitamins, I was excited to try them out because each vitamin is created with a specific goal -- Growing Bones, Super Brainy, Happy Tummy, and Mighty Immunity. Each morning I let my boys choose which vitamin they want for the day, and feeling in control of their health in this small way makes them feel so empowered. B always chooses Super Brainy on school days, and on the days Fos picks Growing Bones and I tell him he's already looking taller, he gets the proudest face ever. 

6. Encourage your family to make healthy choices, but don't be too strict. I've heard so many stories about kids whose parents were so strict that the kids would go crazy at friends houses, or once they moved out of the house. I want to promote a healthy home and instill healthy habits in my family, but not be too crazy strict that they go in the opposite direction! 

There are lots of ways to help your family be healthy, but these are a few things that are working for us and have helped us make smarter choices and be healthier. 

Olly has a super awesome giveaway going on right now that includes a year supply of vitamins, gift cards to Tea Collection, Target, and Starbucks, and more! Click the image below to enter!



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