Jeans are my wardrobe staple. Besides Sundays, when I'm wearing a skirt or dress to church, you'll see me in jeans ninety-nine percent of the time.

I get a ton of questions about my jeans, so I'm rounding up my favorite six pairs of blue jeans that I wear all the time, and giving you the scoop on all of them. (I did the same for maternity jeans here and here if you're in the market for those!)

Some of you ask "if I could only pick one, which one?" And the reality is that I like them all for different reasons, and like to have a variety of jeans for different occasions and outfits. So it's really tough to pick just one. But if I HAD to, I'd choose my DL1961's. They are a perfect color of wash, super flattering, and the distressing is minimal enough that they can be dressed up or dressed down.

That being said, these are in no particular order:

1. DL1961 Emma Power Legging (currently on sale for 40% off, but limited sizing -- same jeans in a different wash here)

Things I love about these jeans:

  • They're a nice stretchy denim with a great hugging fabric. They suck you in and don't stretch out or sag at all. Even after several wears. 
  • They're a great length. Most of my jeans need to be cuffed, but I almost never cuff these because they're a perfect ankle length so they work perfectly with heels, boots, sandals, and sneakers. 
  • They run true to size
  • They have a nice skinny ankle that requires no alteration, and hugs my calves perfectly. 
  • The pocket placement on the back is very flattering
  • Front pockets are real


Things I like about these jeans
  • I like a medium amount of distressing on my jeans, and this is just enough, and is attractive distressing
  • They're fitted through the calf
  • They have real pockets in the front
  • The pocket placement and size on the back are really flattering
  • They're a nice medium weight stretchy denim, and they take a few wears to start stretching out. 

Things I don't love about these jeans
  • They're a little bit too long. I'm 5'6 and I usually wear a regular length, but these ones are a couple of inches too long. I like my jeans to hit about an inch above my ankle bone, and I had to tuck these ones up to make them shorter.
  • They run big. Order one size down

3. American Eagle Distressed Jeggings


Things I like about these jeans:

  • They have distressing, but they're fully lined
  • They're stretchy, but they're more of a thick denim, so they're a little warmer and sturdier. 
  • They're a good length and don't always need a cuff, although with boots I always like to cuff them like I did in the image above. 
  • They have real front pockets
  • Fitted through the leg
Things I don't love about these jeans:
  • They stretch out after a few wares (obviously not a huge deal -- just wash them and they're back to normal!)

4. Blank NYC boyfriend jeans


Things I like about these jeans:

  • These are hands down the best boyfriend jeans I have ever found. You need a pair RIGHT NOW. 
  • They run TTS -- don't size up! 
  • They stretch out during the day, so even if they start a little more fitted, they'll be slouchier within an hour or two. 
  • The distressing is just enough
  • They're a nice soft, lived-in fabric. The fabric is medium weight and sturdy, but not uncomfortable at all
Things I don't like about these jeans
  • They have to be washed in between every wear or else they get too baggy
  • The top hole is too high for me, so I patched it and shared a tutorial here.
  • I ordered a few pairs of these and some of them have a sort of tie-dyed coloring to them. It's not the case with all of them (the ones I kept didn't have it at all), but every pair seems to be a little bit different. So I'd recommend ordering a couple of pairs and then choosing the one with the color you like best. 

5. Dittos Jessica Jeggings (this exact pair isn't currently's usually restocked within a few weeks. But the same style, different wash is available here or another wash here)


Things I like about these jeans
  • They run pretty TTS, but maybe a tiny bit on the small size. Order up if you're nervous. 
  • They're super stretchy and lightweight
  • They're nicely fitted in the legs
  • They're super flattering
Things I don't like about these jeans
  • They have fake front pockets, which drives me nuts.
  • They're really long, so I always have to cuff them, but they're so thin so the cuffing is less bulky than any of my other jeans
  • The cuffs are pretty stiff so with the skinny ankles they're kind of hard to get off over my feet!
  • They're the lowest rise of all my jeans, which I don't love. 

Abercrombie Super Skinny Jeans (on sale for under $40!):


Things I like about these jeans:

  • I love that they don't have any distressing. Most of my other jeans have distressing, so it's good to have one pair without. 
  • they're fitted through the legs
  • They're a good mid wash

Things I don't like about these jeans:

  • They're a little bit long, and require a cuff (order in "short" length if needed!)
  • The pockets are a little bit small for me, so the backside is a tiny bit less flattering for my body
  • They stretch out after a day and need to be re-washed
  • They run one size big -- order down!

 Any other questions about these jeans? I might sharing a little special feature with these jeans over on snapchat today if you're following along -- my username is merricksart. 








Since I rediscovered Abercrombie a few months ago, I've become completely obsessed with their clothing. When I was dating my husband, I bought my first pair of Abercrombie jeans, and here we are ten years later coming full circle. Who would have thought? I'm just super impressed with their rebrand to be age appropriate and a little more mature.

I don't know what it is about them, but they just have the best jeans. They always have. They're soft, they hug all the right places, they have great washes, and they're just so darn flattering. I get far and away the most husband compliments on them -- so if that's not reason enough to pick up a pair...  ;)

I bought this pair a few months ago and have been wearing them to death, and then I found this distressed pair and now have been wearing them nonstop.

Also I've been itching for fall lately, and instantly fell in love with this dark floral top. It's an easy top to throw on with jeans and ankle boots, but it makes a statement and really makes the outfit. Plus it's lightweight so it's a good piece to wear when transitioning to fall, and it comes in a ton of other colors!

I'm loving a bunch more pieces from their new fall line, but especially this cozy sweatshirt I picked up and this gorgeous burgundy swing top. Shop all my favorites in the widget below:

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photos by rad and happy
created in partnership with abercrombie
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Casual Summer Style


summer style in denim cutoffs

summer style

Coach Dinky Bag

4eSweater: Vince | Shorts: Vintage Levis | Bag: Coach ℅ | Shoes: Manolo Blahnik

Aside from taking our first mini road trip with Nate, in which he did so well, this weekend was spent binge watching (and finishing) Stranger Things and The Night Of. Holy crap! Such good TV. Stranger Things makes me super nostalgic for the 80's and The Night Of! If you haven't watched, you must! So good.

photos by Keith Hodne

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Does anyone else find it so funny how cyclical fashion is? I love seeing "new" trends pop up that are total blasts from the past.

Two huge trends this season are chokers and bell sleeves, both of which are recycled trends, but they're back this time in a fresh and modern way.

And that's the trick with these old/new trends -- choose modern versions and then style them with modern pieces, and you won't feel like you stepped out of an old decade. Nordstrom is always so up to date on what's trending, so they're one of my top go-to shopping spots since I know when I shop there I'll find pieces that are both on trend and modern.

I thought I would hate the choker trend, but the more I see, the more I'm loving it. I found a few fun ones at Nordstrom, including this bolo tie style choker and this double banded one. I've also seen thicker velvet ones, like this one, which are more of a statement and so chic. They're all fair game -- just stay away from the little plastic stretchy ones we all used to wear back in the day!

And bell sleeves -- we've been seeing so many ruffles and flutter details on tops this season, so bell sleeves fit right in and make sense. There are so many good ones out there, like this white boho one I just picked up.

How are you feeling about these trends coming back??

Shop my favorite chokers and bell sleeved tops right here: 

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TOP (made by me -- similar linked below!)  ||  JEANS  ||  BAG (different color, but on sale!)  ||  ANKLE BOOTS  ||  RING + BRACELET  c/o WANDERLUST  ||  WATCH c/o THE 5TH

Back in July I went up to the LA fabric district with my best friend, Leanne, to do a little birthday fabric shopping. I've been looking for a great quality striped knit for ages, and Mood didn't disappoint. I snatched up a couple yards of this gorgeous ponte knit and couldn't wait to cut into it. 

I've been wanting a striped peplum top, and this was perfect for that. I've been in the mood for fall lately, so I made it long sleeved. It's cozy and comfortable, and is easy to dress up or down. 

Another fun striped piece is coming your way in a few weeks for DIY Friday, so check back soon! 

Shop some other cute striped peplum tops in the widget below:

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TOP  ||  JEANS  ||  BAG (on sale today! different color but gorgeous   ||  SUNGLASSES c/o ZENNI LA  ||  BOOTS

When I put together an outfit, I never feel like it's finished until I add accessories. I didn't used to be much of an accessory girl, but once I realized how much of an impact they made on my outfit, I was converted.

I don't wear a ton of accessories, but the few that you'll pretty much never see me without are a watch, a handbag, and a great pair of sunglasses.

Zenni Optical recently released their new line of sunglasses inspired by the LA streets and fashion, and now they're some of my go-to glasses. They originally sold just prescription glasses, but I love how they've expanded to include fun framed sunglasses, but you can still fill those frames with your prescription glass. I've told you so many times before that I love basics with a little twist, and these tortoise shell frames have a subtle hexagon shape that I just adore.

The best part about Zenni? The price point is fantastic. And even better...they're giving away a pair to one lucky reader today, up to $150!

- hop over to Zenni Optical's youtube video and watch the short clip they made about this collection. It's all about LA! Now leave a comment telling me your favorite place in California -- where you've been OR where you'd love to visit.

Giveaway is open to US readers only, and giveaway ends in one week on August 31st. Good luck!

photos by rad and happy
created in partnership with Zenni Optical


We had our 4month Pediatrician check up yesterday:

Weight: 16.9 lbs/53rd | Height: 26″/93rd percentile.

Nate turns 4 months today, which as any parent would say about their child, is crazy! I'm trying so hard to soak up each and every moment because I've never really realized, until now, JUST how quickly life flies by. He's truly the best baby, pretty much always happy unless he's tired or hungry. Being a new mom has been nothing short of  amazing, but naturally, it comes with it's challenges and I've learned, you figure it out as you go.


A few weeks in, Nate started out as a really good sleeper. On some nights, he would sleep from 7PM-6AM and I thought that the sleep gods answered my prayers. Then a couple of weeks ago, the dreaded 4 month sleep regression hit us, which from everything I read, can happen anywhere between 3-5 months. Like a fool, I thought "nah, our son is a great sleeper! it's not going to happen to us!" HA! Yea, I was very wrong. I went from actually feeling rested to looking (and feeling) like a haggard mess. He started waking up several times a night, even right after a good feeding, so I knew it wasn't hunger. Looking for a few tips from some mamas, I asked on my instagram and I got some really great advice. A few people recommended The Baby Merlin's Magic Sleepsuit, so naturally, I ordered it that same evening. On top of the sleep regression, we were transitioning him from the bassinet in our room to his crib AND out of the swaddle. Maybe it was a crazy move to do it all at once, but it kind of all just happened. The Magic Suit has definitely been helpful and over the last week or so, he's falling back into a better sleeping pattern. We'll usually put him to sleep at 7:30 and he might wake up between 3-5 for a feeding and then will go back to sleep till 6-6:30. I have been looking into various sleep training methods, but have yet to figure out the next plan. Let me know if you guys have any that you swear by.

One big thing, we started putting him to sleep when he's awake and he's getting better and better at falling asleep on his own. A few months ago, a friend of mine told me that allowing her daughter to fall asleep in her arms every night was the biggest mistake she made. Now, when she wakes up, she freaks out to find out that she's not in her mother's arms. Side note, this is for 3-4 months and over. I don't think the first three months matter much since so many experts call it "the 4th trimester.."


The Work/Mom Balance:

I think any mother would agree that this is one of the most challenging things. I am incredibly lucky that I work for myself and have the ability to make my own schedule, but that also comes with a few challenges. I currently have someone helping with me Nate 2x a week and on those days, I try to cram in projects, meetings, shooting, computer catchups and some "me time" like a manicure or haircut. If I'm being perfectly honest, two days is not enough and I probably need to add on a 3rd day so I don't feel like I have to pick and choose what I can actually get accomplished. I do spend a couple of hours working at night, once we put him to sleep, but I'm hoping I can eventually put a stop to that. Aside from being exhausted once 8PM rolls around, I would rather just take that time and spend it relaxing with Keith.


The Relationship & Friend Balance: 

Before the baby was born, Keith and I had a pretty great system going. On Fridays, he would hang out with his boys and I would hang out with my girlfriends and Saturdays and Sundays were spent with each other, our families or hanging out with our friends, together.

These days, we're finding our groove and figuring out what works with the addition of the baby. We still have "Friend Fridays," but now we take turns alternating our weeks. He'll go out with his friends one Friday and I'll go out with mine the next. Eventually, of course we'll find a babysitter if we both have plans, but for now, it's been working out perfectly. For Saturday nights, we have yet to look into a weekend babysitter, but that's next on the list.

The balance was and continues to be, very important for us! Maybe it's because we're both Libras, the sign of the scales.


I saved this for last because this is a topic I want to dive further into, in a post of its own. Up until recently, I was exclusively breast feeding, but we decided to start supplementing with organic formula because I just wasn't making enough. I'm not sure if it's because on the nights that he would sleep, I wouldn't wakeup to pump (I was just so tired and couldn't get out of bed) OR if those few days that I had work projects, without an actual indoor bathroom and location, I couldn't find a place to pump. There were so many instances where I'd be on the train, traveling with my pump and trying to find any bathroom to sneak into. The Pediatrician also thinks that because Nate is so tall and growing at some a rapid pace, I just couldn't keep up with his demand.

From all the things that new mothers and parents face, for me, breast feeding was hands down, the most stressful of them all. I don't think women talk enough about how hard it is. Yes, it is one of the most beautiful, bonding experiences a mother and child can go through, but it is also DAMN hard. I still have anxiety and guilt over it.  Again, this is a post I want to have a further discussion on, so stay tuned.

Side note, I did extensive research and we decided to start supplementing with Holle, an organic formula that's imported from Germany. Unfortunately, so many American formulas are loaded with unnecessary garbage and Holle has the most natural ingredients from them all.

Lets start a conversation. Share your experiences, thoughts, comments and tips below!

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