Happy Memorial Day! Now that we can all officially wear white (even though I've been wearing white jeans and skirts for months...those fashion "rules" are so silly) I'm sharing a few ways to wear a white skirt. A white skirt is a classic piece that is perfect for spring and summer. I recently bought this white eyelet skirt from Zappos and I've been wearing it a ton -- it's easy to dress up or dress down, and the eyelet adds some pretty detailing and texture. It's a little higher in price, but this one is similar and only $25!

There are a million possibilities when it comes to styling a white skirt, and although I photographed only four, I'll share a few more ideas as we go through each of the four, plus I'll share a few of my favorite white skirts so you can add one to your closet!


1. WHITEOUT. You guys should know by now how much I love the whiteout trend. It's such a crisp and summery look, and would be perfect for a bridal or baby shower, an outdoor summer party, or church during the warm months. I styled mine with blush and rose gold to add a feminine touch!




2. BLACK AND WHITE. Black and white is such a classic combo, and here it creates a dramatic combination. You could wear just a black tee or black blouse, but I added a leather jacket for a little edge. 




3. BUTTON DOWN.  A freshly pressed button down is always a good idea for summer. I have a ton in my closet -- chambray, white, striped, gingham, etc -- but I chose gingham for this look because it feels so summer. You could tuck it in, but I think having it tied in the front gives it more of a casual feel, rather than more of a business attire feel. I also added casual wedges to complete the summery look. 



4. WITH A TEE. This skirt in particular is a little more dressy, but can still be dressed down -- just add a casual t-shirt and flats! Since it's still cool here in SoCal, I added a jacket, but chose denim because it matches the casual feel. You could also do a graphic tee or a striped tee! 




And if you're looking to add a white skirt to your closet for the summer (which you should), I've rounded up a few of my favorites in the widget below. This one is 40% off and is a good simple option, but this one is has lots of detailing is stunning (and only $25). I love the subtle details on this one, but this one is only $30 and is such a simple one that will go with everything.  I also love this one with pockets!

Shop all of them right here by clicking the images: 

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