SIMILAR TOP HEREHERE, and HERE ||  SKIRT (also available in tall, since the regular has been selling out quickly!)  ||  SIMILAR HEELS HERE and HERE

I bought this skirt last summer right before I got pregnant with San, so I only wore it once or twice before I couldn't fit into it anymore. I pulled it out on Sunday for church and instantly fell in love with it all over again. It's the perfect skirt for spring and summer! It also comes in a bunch of other colors -- I own it in white, but I'm loving it in blush and light blue for spring!



I'm such a sucker for anything eyelet these days, so of course I fell in love with this top. I love how little details on a top can dress up a basic outfit. Also, I snagged these flats on Thred Up, so sadly they're not available, but I found these ones that are pretty similar. If you haven't tried d'orsay flats, you must try them, especially if you don't like to wear heels. These flats elongate your legs, just like a heel other flats do that! 


TEE  ||  JEANS  ||  RUG  ||  CRIB  ||  NOAH'S ARK  

I posted this on instagram the other day and had a ton of questions about my top, the rug, and the noah's ark toy. So here are all the sources! 


LACE TOP  ||  JEANS  ||  CHAMBRAY  ||  WOOD PLATFORMS (shorter heel here)  ||  CROSSBODY BAG  

I'm such a sucker for all white lately! I've talked about tricks for wearing all white before, but the key is to add different textures, or soft, subtle color (like gray and light blue) to give your monochromatic outfit some interest. 


TEE  ||  JEANS  ||  IPHONE CASE  ||  POUF  ||  RUG

I posted this on instagram a few days ago and shared how I found the perfect gray tee. Really great t-shirts are tough to find, and this one is amazing. It's soft, not too thin, not see through at all, a perfect length, perfectly oversized, and not too low of a v-neck that I have to wear something underneath. Also it's $15. Go buy yourself one right. now. 



I wore this outfit yesterday for a day in San Diego. I didn't bother to check the weather, since it's always gorgeous down here, but of course we chose to come on the weekend when there's a huge storm. There was torrential downpour several times, but the sun came out long enough for me to take off my big, thick sweater and snap a picture. Definitely will be wearing this outfit again during those warm, sunny summer days!

Have a happy weekend!

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