Nursing is one of my very favorite parts of motherhood so far. B was a horrible nurser and most of our nursing experience was me pumping and then feeding him a bottle, so I was sure that all my nursing experiences would be negative.  But then I had Fos. And gosh, that baby was an absolute dream to nurse. Every single feeding was enjoyable, and we had a bond like none other. But the problem with Fos was that he never, ever took a bottle. We tried probably ten different brands of bottles, but he refused every single one.

So before San was born, I was determined to do everything I could to get him to go back and forth from breast to bottle. We waited the recommended three weeks to introduce the bottle, and I was super nervous the first time, praying that he would take it, and without any fight he took it perfectly.

When we were going though a million different bottles with Fos, I was convinced that the design of the bottle was keeping him from taking it. The shape, the super long nipple, the firm plastic...none of it imitated a real breast, so of course he wasn't interested. So when I discovered Munchkin LATCH bottles this time around, and their soft, flexible plastic and round shape was a better design than anything I'd seen before, I was immediately impressed. And I'm convinced this smart design is the very reason San takes the bottle without any complaint. What I would have given for these bottles when Fos was a baby!

Now that San is 8 weeks old, we're feeding him with a bottle once almost every day, and not only does it allow the rest of the family to bond with San during feeding time (I could die of happiness when I see B feed him...I love that brotherly love!), but it also allows me some freedom. I can leave the house for more than two hours at a time and stress about a screaming baby and panicking husband back at home, and as a working mom this is a humongous blessing.

I keep saying "third time's a charm" about nearly everything with San so far, but really when it comes to feeding, Munchkin LATCH is the charm.

created in partnership with Munchkin  ||  photos by rad and happy 

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