As a perpetual over-thinker, I've spent the past week wondering how to appropriately address my decision...

As a perpetual over-thinker, I've spent the past week wondering how to appropriately address my decision to return to blogging. A million questions have been spinning around my head. 

Should I make a blog post about my reasons for coming back?
Should I explain what I missed about the blog and feeling connected?
Should I just get back to blogging as if nothing happened? 

Should I be embarrassed that I look indecisive? Am I being judged for it?
Was the blog ruined? Could I even go back?

And as with a lot of things in life, I have come to a very prolific conclusion...I don't know the answer to all of those questions. But I will try to explain a little bit about what I did realize:
After agonizing for months and then finally making the decision to stop blogging, it felt like a huge weight was taken off my shoulders. Not having the blog to work on, I had free time again. I started reading for fun. I watched an entire Spanish telenovela on Netflix and my Spanish improved somewhat (Gran Hotel, for anyone interested). I stayed off social media on some days and it felt great. I didn't take photos of myself and my outfits and it was freeing. I didn't care as much about what I wore and what I looked like and I felt empowered.

But then something unexpected happened: the novelty of all of the above eventually wore off. I couldn't believe it. I was so sure that I had made the right decision, and now my favorite hobby and something that had helped define me was gone, of my own doing.
I missed spending time planning outfits, styling, and thinking of designs, patterns, and fit. I missed connecting on social media. I missed discussing great finds. But most of all, I realized that much of the time I thought I was going to save NOT blogging was being spent wishing that I had the blog up and running again... because I missed you, I missed feeling connected, sharing, and most poignant of all, I missed having fashion and style in my life.
So once again the soul-searching commenced.
Clearly, I do a lot of soul-searching, you guys. ;)

And what I came to after Soul Searching Round Two is that yes, I have changed. But my blog is still a part of who I am and what I want to continue doing. I will say, however, that my gut instinct was correct in that I needed change. Maybe I just needed a break. Maybe the blog didn't feel like me because I didn't post much about anything except outfit photos. Maybe I needed to use my own voice a bit more (like I do on Instagram). Maybe I could give the blog a small facelift. Maybe I could expand my posts to include Q&A sessions and other types of posts.
The point is, there are so many possibilities!

I hope you continue to join me in my journey, friends.
And if you're just here for the outfit pics, that's okay too. :)

Striped top- gifted | Similar 1, 2, 3 | My fave
Green pencil skirt- The Limited | Similar 1, 2 (Plus!) | Love this one
White blazer- H&M | Similar 1, 2, 3, 4
Black flats with gold chain- Target | Nearly identical | Love these gold-accented ones 1, 2, 3
Pearl necklace c/o Blossom Jewelry Design
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Pyramid Cuff c/o Erika Lehman for Stella & Dot | Similar

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