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When Keith and I moved into our new home (this past October – crazy how time flies), we took a lot of our old furniture with the intention of swapping some major pieces out. On that list was a new coffee table (got it!), a new mattress and bed frame (got the mattress, now just need to find a new frame), and a new couch. The couch we had was so uncomfortable, something we realized after it was already bought.

We couch shopped for months and I never realized just how difficult it would be to find something that was comfortable, that suited our home style and something that we both actually agreed on.We also knew that we wanted a sectional, something that the entire family can lounge on and something that worked for entertaining (Oscar parties, Superbowl). One day, we were walking around in Soho and popped into the Rachel Ashwell Shabby Chic store. The moment we sat down on one of their couches, it was like sitting on a cloud. We came home to analyze whether the size and style would work in our home and after a few days of discussing, we decided to go for it. Now, I 100% realize their couches do not come cheap and are a major investment. However, if you are in the market, I really cannot recommend their couches enough. The comfort level is unlike anything else and with a new baby, we've spilled so many things and nothing has stained. Our old couch was so poorly made, it looked dingy within months.

Every morning, as soon as my crying baby alarm clock goes off, I make our way downstairs and I feed him while we nap on the couch. Little moments I actually look forward to as I know they'll be gone in the blink of an eye.

Wishing you all a wonderful weekend!

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