There are lots of changes that happen when you have kids, some that you expect, but most that you don't. And although most of the changes are good ones that make you a better, stronger, happier, more loving, etc, person, there are some things about my old self that I don't want to completely lose. One of those is my style. 

So I love finding products that are mom-friendly, but don't make me look like a mom. ToteSavvy is one of those that I heard about a few years ago. It's a bag insert that slips into any of your bags so it has tons of compartments like a diaper bag, but you can still use your favorite bags, and they don't become a bottomless pit of diapers, wipes, pacifiers, and chapstick. 

They used to only come in large sizes for tote bags, but now they come in two sizes -- regular and mini (and in different colors) -- so you can use them in your all of your purses! And I love that they're easy to slip in and out so you don't have to repack your baby things every time you change purses. 

They're 20% off right now with code SUMMER16 and would make an amazing baby gift to yourself or to your friends! Offer is valid til 8/31. 


thank you to life in play for partnering on this post  ||  photos by rad and happy

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