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how to avoid damage from using heat to your hair

How of avoid damage to your hair from heat - Nexxus New York - Helena of Brooklyn Blonde

How to avoid damage from using heat on your hair

Nexxus New York Heat Protectant Spray Mist

Last year, I remember sitting at the Nexxus salon and chatting with the talented woman who was blow drying my hair. I was venting to her how I was in a bit of a catch 22: I didn't want to always rely on heat to style my hair,  but if I let it simply air dry, it would look like a frizzy mess. Side note, that's also part of the reason why I wear it up so often. I'll style my hair, leave it down for a few days and then once it gets oily, I'll throw it up in a low or high bun.

During our conversation, the stylist asked me about what products I used when styling with heat and when I didn't mention a heat protecting spray, she could't believe that I didn't make that a priority. To be quite honest, some days I would just forget and part of me always wondered if one was actually necessary.

After our conversation and her stressing about the importance of one, I ended up leaving with the Nexxus New York Salon Care Heat Protecting Mist. Since that visit, I always make sure to use it whenever applying any sort of heat to my hair. It acts as a protective barrier against dryness and breakage. Also pictured here, a hair masque, which I find is incredibly important to use on a weekly basis. Especially if you use heat and/or color your hair! I like to leave mine in overnight, or if I'm just lounging around, for the entire day. I got this particular one at the Nexxus salon, but I also love this one, which is available online. Both are enriched with concentrated, 100% pure Elastin Protein.


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