Motherhood Update: Nate is 4 months!



We had our 4month Pediatrician check up yesterday:

Weight: 16.9 lbs/53rd | Height: 26″/93rd percentile.

Nate turns 4 months today, which as any parent would say about their child, is crazy! I'm trying so hard to soak up each and every moment because I've never really realized, until now, JUST how quickly life flies by. He's truly the best baby, pretty much always happy unless he's tired or hungry. Being a new mom has been nothing short of  amazing, but naturally, it comes with it's challenges and I've learned, you figure it out as you go.


A few weeks in, Nate started out as a really good sleeper. On some nights, he would sleep from 7PM-6AM and I thought that the sleep gods answered my prayers. Then a couple of weeks ago, the dreaded 4 month sleep regression hit us, which from everything I read, can happen anywhere between 3-5 months. Like a fool, I thought "nah, our son is a great sleeper! it's not going to happen to us!" HA! Yea, I was very wrong. I went from actually feeling rested to looking (and feeling) like a haggard mess. He started waking up several times a night, even right after a good feeding, so I knew it wasn't hunger. Looking for a few tips from some mamas, I asked on my instagram and I got some really great advice. A few people recommended The Baby Merlin's Magic Sleepsuit, so naturally, I ordered it that same evening. On top of the sleep regression, we were transitioning him from the bassinet in our room to his crib AND out of the swaddle. Maybe it was a crazy move to do it all at once, but it kind of all just happened. The Magic Suit has definitely been helpful and over the last week or so, he's falling back into a better sleeping pattern. We'll usually put him to sleep at 7:30 and he might wake up between 3-5 for a feeding and then will go back to sleep till 6-6:30. I have been looking into various sleep training methods, but have yet to figure out the next plan. Let me know if you guys have any that you swear by.

One big thing, we started putting him to sleep when he's awake and he's getting better and better at falling asleep on his own. A few months ago, a friend of mine told me that allowing her daughter to fall asleep in her arms every night was the biggest mistake she made. Now, when she wakes up, she freaks out to find out that she's not in her mother's arms. Side note, this is for 3-4 months and over. I don't think the first three months matter much since so many experts call it "the 4th trimester.."


The Work/Mom Balance:

I think any mother would agree that this is one of the most challenging things. I am incredibly lucky that I work for myself and have the ability to make my own schedule, but that also comes with a few challenges. I currently have someone helping with me Nate 2x a week and on those days, I try to cram in projects, meetings, shooting, computer catchups and some "me time" like a manicure or haircut. If I'm being perfectly honest, two days is not enough and I probably need to add on a 3rd day so I don't feel like I have to pick and choose what I can actually get accomplished. I do spend a couple of hours working at night, once we put him to sleep, but I'm hoping I can eventually put a stop to that. Aside from being exhausted once 8PM rolls around, I would rather just take that time and spend it relaxing with Keith.


The Relationship & Friend Balance: 

Before the baby was born, Keith and I had a pretty great system going. On Fridays, he would hang out with his boys and I would hang out with my girlfriends and Saturdays and Sundays were spent with each other, our families or hanging out with our friends, together.

These days, we're finding our groove and figuring out what works with the addition of the baby. We still have "Friend Fridays," but now we take turns alternating our weeks. He'll go out with his friends one Friday and I'll go out with mine the next. Eventually, of course we'll find a babysitter if we both have plans, but for now, it's been working out perfectly. For Saturday nights, we have yet to look into a weekend babysitter, but that's next on the list.

The balance was and continues to be, very important for us! Maybe it's because we're both Libras, the sign of the scales.


I saved this for last because this is a topic I want to dive further into, in a post of its own. Up until recently, I was exclusively breast feeding, but we decided to start supplementing with organic formula because I just wasn't making enough. I'm not sure if it's because on the nights that he would sleep, I wouldn't wakeup to pump (I was just so tired and couldn't get out of bed) OR if those few days that I had work projects, without an actual indoor bathroom and location, I couldn't find a place to pump. There were so many instances where I'd be on the train, traveling with my pump and trying to find any bathroom to sneak into. The Pediatrician also thinks that because Nate is so tall and growing at some a rapid pace, I just couldn't keep up with his demand.

From all the things that new mothers and parents face, for me, breast feeding was hands down, the most stressful of them all. I don't think women talk enough about how hard it is. Yes, it is one of the most beautiful, bonding experiences a mother and child can go through, but it is also DAMN hard. I still have anxiety and guilt over it.  Again, this is a post I want to have a further discussion on, so stay tuned.

Side note, I did extensive research and we decided to start supplementing with Holle, an organic formula that's imported from Germany. Unfortunately, so many American formulas are loaded with unnecessary garbage and Holle has the most natural ingredients from them all.

Lets start a conversation. Share your experiences, thoughts, comments and tips below!

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