I cannot get enough of stripes, ever. Wide stripes, thin stripes, navy, black...really any kind. But there's something about pinstripes that just feels so summery. This summer blouse has pretty puffed sleeves and a subtle peplum, and makes a simple pattern such a fun statement top. I picked it up for New York and thought it would be perfect for a morning of meetings, but then it turned out to be hot as blazes the week I was there, so not that perfect after all. Ah well.

The perfect pairing with stripes for summer is white jeans. I wore mine to death last summer, so I picked these up this summer and wear them at least twice a week, I think. I love that they're easy to dress up or down because they don't have distressing, they're the perfect length, and they're thin and stretchy but not see-through. They're stocked in all sizes right here!

Also every girl needs a pair of neutral ankle boots in her closet. I bought the pair I'm wearing two years ago during the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale, and have worn them a million times. Whenever I have one of those in between casual and dressy outfits, I wear it with these shoes. They're sadly long gone, but I found two really similar pairs right here and here.

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p.s. in case you missed it, I shared my eyelash/mascara routine over on my facebook page over the weekend -- go check it out

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