This year both of my boys are going to school. I can hardly believe little Fos is old enough to go to preschool!

With two big boys now, I wanted to make a few changes to our home to make a space for the boys to do their schoolwork. We have a little space off of our family room downstairs that was originally a playroom with a little table and chairs, a chalkboard, and a play rug.

They were starting to outgrow the space, so I teamed up with Wayfair to create a homework station and reading nook. Wayfair has tons of great furniture and accessories, and with their Back-to-School sale going on right now, it's the perfect time to pick up a few new things to make your own homework station.

Plus I'm sharing the easiest DIY of all time to make fun and modern pencil, crayon, pen, and marker cups!

This was the sad before:


And now, so much better.










I had originally planned to put two desks and two stools in the space, but with the addition of the bookshelf it was just too crowded. But this writing desk is perfect width for two little stools, so they're able to share it without a problem.

Since we nixed the idea of the second desk, that made extra room for something else. My boys are huge readers, so I had the idea for a cozy little reading nook. A couple of layered rugs, a pouf, and a few pillows, and now they want to sit there and read all day long.

Wayfair has tons of great pillows, and lots of cozy rugs! I think layered rugs make a space feel more homey and lived in, and throwing a sheepskin rug over another rug is always a good choice. As soon as I did it in the reading nook, the space was perfect.

And just for a fun little modern touch on the desk to keep everything organized, I made these little tin can pencil holders. They're so, so easy to make in four easy steps.

Take a tin can -- I chose beans, but anything works. Open it up, empty the contents into a bowl or tupperware to be used later, and then clean the inside and remove the wrapper. Repeat for several cans, and then display on the desk with pencils, crayons, markers, pens, or whatever else you'd like.


Go check out all of Wayfair's back to school sale right here!

created in partnership with Wayfair
photos by rad and happy

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