Rag and Bone new fragrance collection - Cypress

Rag and Bone new fragrance collection - Cypress unisex scent

Rag & Bone new fragrance collection - Cypress unisex scent

When it comes to perfumes, I'm very picky. So many fragrances make my head hurt, so when I find a smell I love, I become loyal to it.

Earlier this month, rag & bone released a collection of eight unisex scents. I had the opportunity to sample all before deciding which was my favorite. Typically, when I'm sampling a fragrance, I'll wear it around all day to see how it performs with my body chemistry. Does it wear well? Does it give me a headache? Does Keith like it?

I have to say, all eight of these rag & bone fragrances are truly unique in their own way, but out of the collection, Cypress was my favorite. The top notes are Cypress, Grapefruit Zest and Caradamom, all of which blend beautifully to create a scent that's fresh, with a hint of spice and woodiness (Cedar Wood is one of the middle notes).

Side note, I've always been somewhat partial to unisex scents. There's just something sexy about a woman wearing a fragrance that could also be worn by a man.

All eight scents are available in select stores and at


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