Just a few short years ago, I avoided sweater dresses like the plague. I hated how tight they were and how they clung to every part of the body. And then there was always the question of how appropriate they would look with just tights. You know, the age old "does it cover your butt?" rule. 

Well, sweater dresses have come a long way since then. Case and point, this light and cozy dress shift dress from Catch Bliss. I knew I was in for a treat from the second I pulled it out of the bag. See that shit grin on my face in the pic below? It's because I was so excited that I couldn't stop smiling about it all day. I had a super busy day and this dress let me move and and be comfortable without getting overheated. It's warm, but not too warm-- and super versatile, to boot. For reference, I'm wearing a small. But it comes is sizes S-XL. Check out the dress for yourself here. I guarantee you'll love it just as much as I do!

DRESS // c/o Catch Bliss Boutique [exact]
DENIM JACKET [Forever21] // Almost exact here / Super cute ones here / Budget-friendly versions here: dark denim & distressed denim / Cute Plus size here
BOOTIES [Clarks (exact)] // Love these Clarks here and this more affordable pair here
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TIGHTS [Target (exact)// Similar here & here 

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