Happy Friday!



I know several blogs feature a weekly round up and while I've never really done one before, on many occasions, I think to myself "ooh! I really want to share this with my readers.." So here it goes.

I've shared Keiko's Halloween costumes before and this year, she has several great ones up her sleeve. One of my favorites, Eleven from Stranger Things!  Are any of you into dressing up? If so, what are you going as?

After being sold out for months, my favorite pair of Levi's are finally back in stock! And for the rest of the day, Shopbop is having a major sale. I previously got this sweater in grey and I loved it so much that I just ordered black.

On my "things I'd tell a new mom" post, one reader, Laurel,  left a comment saying: "I would include to trust your gut" because "a woman's intuition is hardly wrong.." and that is the absolute truth.

Do any of you use a retinol treatment on a daily basis? The other day, I was visiting my derm and she asked me that same question. I've used one for the last few years but stopped when I got pregnant. Her response, "as soon as you're able to, resume! It's the #1 product to fight any signs of aging." More on this topic next week.

The other night, I was with Karen and as usual we dived into our unapologetically materialistic conversation of shoes, bags and the latest trends. I told her I was on the hunt for a pair of velvet booties but didn't want to spend a fortune. Of course, she had the answer. Yes, please! Ordered the grey and now on the hunt for the burgundy in my size.

Have a wonderful weekend! We're going to celebrate fall by taking a drive to get apple cider donuts and to see the beautiful leaves.




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