Hey guys! Notice anything a little...different? Does the blog look crisper? A little more polished?
That's because after five years of blogging on the same site that I painstakingly cobbled together on my own, I finally had my blog professionally redesigned. Hallelujah!! 
I actually began looking into a redesign site about this time last year, but we slowly picked things back up a few months ago and voila! 

I also thought that it would be the perfect time to switch over the blog URL from the painfully long to a much simpler Although the old blog address will always get you to this site, this one might be easier to remember. :)
I hope that you like the blog makeover as much as I do and that it makes viewing my blog more enjoyable. And last, but not least, I have to send out a big shout out to Aubrey Kinch for being so patient with my ever-present Type A tendencies as I figured out exactly what I wanted the final product to look like. Thanks so much, Aubrey. You are amazing!

Many of you asked about the details of this outfit when I posted it to Instagram a few days ago and were bummed to find out that I got both the jacket and the scarf in Italy. But never fear! I found almost identical versions of them for you and linked below.

LEATHER JACKET [From Italy] // Similar here, here, & here / More affordable version here
SWEATER [Forever21] // Almost exact here / Similar: with buttons, edgy, relaxed fit
SCARF [From Italy] // Similar here (in lilac) / Cute ones here & here
JEANS [Express] // Very similar here / Budget-friendly version here
NECKLACE // E-mail me or leave your e-mail in comments below
BOOTIES [Clarks (exact)] // Love these pairs here & here


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