DRESS (wearing size medium - sized up for length) ||  HEELS  ||  BAG (30% off right now!)  || SUNGLASSES 

Here I am, over a month after New York Fashion Week, finally posting my last look from the week. I bought this dress a few weeks before my trip, and I was completely unsure if I would wear it or not. I loved how it looked on the model, but once I tried it on, the sleeves were so bold that I just wasn't sure if I could pull it off. 

Even once I was in NYC, I was feeling undecided about wearing it. But after putting it on, Leanne and Jordan went crazy over it and those two votes of confidence were all I needed. And then it turned out to be my very favorite outfit from the week! 

It's definitely a bold statement piece, but fashion is all about taking risks and honestly anyone can wear anything if you just have the confidence to wear it. How is that for deep Monday thoughts?? ;) 

a few similar and other pretty white dresses linked below, many of which are under $100! 

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photos by jordan zobrist

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