We've had a secret that we've been keeping for a few months now -- we bought a house!

Since we moved to California four years ago, we've been renting a home by the beach. With my husband's job, we only planned to be here for about two years, but a promotion two years in kept us here and will hopefully keep us here for a few more years.

We started house hunting last year, but could never feel good about any of the places we found. Then in the spring we just happened upon a new construction community about ten minutes away from Philip's office. We had to move quickly since they were selling so fast, but almost instantly we felt so good and right about it.

The best part about new construction is that we get to choose all of our finishes, which we've been doing over the last few months and has been so fun.

The downside about moving is the packing part. Since Philip's job moved us out here, they hired movers for us and we did literally nothing (Fos was one month old, so I just sat there and nursed while they packed up our entire house for us), so I know we're in for quite a surprise as we pack up our house all on our own.

BUT there's this amazing product that I'm excited to share with you today that is making packing a little bit easier! Have you guys heard of LegacyBox? Basically it's a service that digitizes any form of outdated memories.


You request a box, label all of your media with the barcodes they provide, and then send it off to them. They digitize it all within a few weeks and then send you back a DVD or an optional thumb drive.

We sent in a bunch of hard copy photos, but they do VHS tapes, film, audio, slides...you name it. And then you have them all on your computer and can save to hard drives and external drives so you have them forever. I mean, we have old cassette tapes, but no cassette tape player -- so it's a perfect solution for situations when the devices are so out of date.

When ours arrived, we had such a blast looking through the old photos and sharing them with the kids. B could hardly believe some of the pictures were me! As embarrassing as old pictures always are, they're such a treasure to have and know that we'll be able to have them forever.

Legacybox is generously offering 40% off to all of my readers -- Click HERE to get your Legacybox and use the code ART at checkout to receive 40% off your order! Offer expires 10/31.




And because I know you want to see pictures of little Merrick, I'll happily oblige ;) 

those teeth, though... 

this was a dress up costume at a children's museum -- I didn't actually dress like this, haha! 

 with my dad and older sister, Janssen, at some kind of "opposites" church activity. Should I do a sewing tutorial?? ;) 

corn rows after summer camp 

I can't get over the tiny bang strands!!

Junior prom :) 

I'll be sharing lots of updates about the house on the blog and social media over the next few months -- follow our hashtag #BuildingTheWhiteHouse (we haven't posted anything there yet, but will soon)!

Thank you to Legacybox for sponsoring this post
photos by rad and happy

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